23rd Annual Groundhog Run 10K - January 30, 2005

The weather is always perfect at the Hunt-Midwest Sub-tropolis -- always a constant 50 degrees! For the Midwest, this is always an enjoyable break from winter to run in a temperature, weather-controlled environment. I have ran this race, either the 5K or the 10K, a half dozen times since 1992. It is a very popular venue that usually sells out by December. This year was no exception as over 3,000 5K and 10K runners and walkers participated.

My step-daughter, Andrea came with me this year for moral support. Plus, she was kind enough to sport one of her dad's barefootrunner.org shirts. (All I needed was one other person to show up with one of my shirts and I had doubled barefoot advertising!) Andrea was a good sport and hung close before the race and was there for me at the finish.


The subterranean caves are to the most part barefoot-friendly. The caves are tall and wide enough in most places for a semi-tractor trailer to load and unload, plus have the ability to off load railroad cars. There are a few areas where the asphalt is a bit rough and one needs to be careful when crossing the railroad tracks. Most surfaces were very smooth and one section of about .5 mile of new asphalt was a pleasure to run on!

This was not my fastest. Not sure why I didn't run faster today. Last year I ran it in 43:02. This year, finished in 44:48. Could it be at 49 years old I'm starting to noticeably slow down? Not sure, but it was still a fun day!

10K Splits:

7:11, 7:12, 7:29, 6:46, 7:17, 7:21, 1:29

Overall Time: 44:48
18th out of 67 (45-49AG)


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