107th Boston Marathon – April 21, 2003

107th Boston Marathon – April 21, 2003

I think I’m starting to understand my running better. I believe this Boston helped immensely. For me, it is about doing my best, no matter the outcome. This was certainly one of those instances. All in all, I am satisfied with my effort and the results.

I will not go into lengthy detail about what others have described. The day was hot, it was crowded, yada, yada. I will mention one humorous episode when I was frantically searching for my bib number which I had lost. John, Enid, Bob, Chris, Victor, Lynn, and others were helping me look for it with quiet desperation. Someone mentioned to look in the trash can right where we were sitting. Sure enough, there it was buried in empty cups, bottles, and half-eaten bagels. As I pulled it out, a huge chunk of Power Bar clung to the bib number with tenacity. I believe ChrisH (Doughboy) has a pic for posterity.

I told ChrisH before the race that I was going to attempt to not stop at every water stop. It became clear that after a few miles, I needed to grab as much water as often as I could. I ate a couple of advil along the way and swallowed a Gu at about 18. That was about as exciting as it gets, folks. Just tryed to concentrate on what I was doing out there and to have a little fun.

The race went like this:

1 - 7:20
2 - 7:14
3 - 7:32
4 - 7:44
5 - 7:58
6 - 7:57
7 & 8 - 16:06
9 - 8:04
10 - 8:22
11 - 8:32
12 - 8:10
13 - 8:19
14 - 8:24
15 - 8:09
16 - 7:54
17 & 18 - 17:44
19 - 8:45
20 - 9:04
21 - 9:21
22 - 8:29
23 - 8:51
24 - 9:22
25 - 9:42
26 - 9:53
.2 - 2:15

3:41:28 – Chip Time

It was an incredible weekend of friends, fun, and fellowship. The cameraderie was exceptional and Boston is a great town.

Now for some pics:

Lower row, left to right: Brian44, Dwchang, Loudchar, ????

Next row up: fliprunner, Glotz (a little behind), Average_Joe, Rainman, Scout, ChrisH aka Doughboy (a little behind), JohnH

Behind Glotz is Hungry Crouton, not sure about the guy behind AJ, but behind Rainman is D-evil. I am in the yellow on the back row with fozrun beside me.

Here we have fliprunner’s back, Lindsay in the center, Hungry Crouton behind him, Rainman in front of fozrun.

Here we have Carol to the left with Lindsay beside her. Behind them is D-evil with Dwchang up front.

More milling about.

Rebecca and I (freezing!) waiting in line for an hour for pasta on Sunday night

And here I am, feeling veryfine after 26.2.

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