Barefoot Rick's Vasque Summer Intro 10K+ Trail Run - June 23, 2007

Oh, what fun! Slipping and sliding over muddy trails strewn with limestone rocks, tree roots, and fallen trees. Just your typical Ozarkian trail run, yet in Kansas! That's what I love about Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee, Kansas -- you can experience a slice of the Ozarks with all the hills and tangled woods that you can on any Missouri or Arkansas trail run.

This was my first run with the Kansas City Trail Nerds since the Psycho WyCo run in February. The temps were about 60 degrees warmer for this run compared with the one in February. The night before a front had moved through providing the 100+ participants with a slick course, complete with several areas that were wet and sloppy!

Really, I had no expectations knowing that trail running is much slower than road running. We started shortly after 8 a.m. after Kyle gave us the "skinny" on the course, what to watch out for -- fallen trees, overhanging branches, etc. The last thing he told us was that the course was "long" so he told us not to get too attached to what our GPSs might be recording. The first loop was similar to the second loop which took us through a variety of mud packed trails, up and down limestone sections, along with parts where one must watch constantly or they would trip over tree roots. The third section was the most interesting and precarious. This was described by the race director as a "technical" section with demonstrative elevation gains and declines over very rocky trails. I took my only fall in this section where I went down on one knee after a brief stumble. No harm done.

I definitely slowed down on the technical mile section, but was then able to kick it in on the last mile. My finish time was 1:07:36. My GPS said that the distance was 6.7 miles, but I checked with a few others and they had recorded about 6.5 miles, so I will go with the consensus.



It was good to talk with several folks after the race, including Joe Loranger who works with me at Sprint. He wore his Vibram FiveFingers. This was Joe's first trail run and he finished well and in one piece!


It was good to get out and run a trail run again, especially since I have a much longer one planned on July 14 with the Trail Nerds. Stay tuned for my upcoming report.

Having a Blessed Barefoot Blast,

Barefoot Rick

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