Barefoot Rick's Olathe Marathon Report - March 31, 2007

BR with shoes? Packet Pick-up Friday 3/30

Finish Time - 3:43:55 (8:33 Pace)
6th Place AG (51-55 Males)
46th Marathon (26.2 Miles or Ultra Distance)
28th Consecutive Barefoot Marathon Since April 2004

*Ran the entire distance


Before the race! Sure is dark! (Left) Rick Troeh, BR, Tiffany and Jenny (both fitness center instructors)


You know, I almost feel guilty that these 26.2 mile running events keep getting more fun all the time. Someone shouted out to me at about mile 20, "Rick, you're ALWAYS smiling!" I yelled back, "But I'm having so much fun! I should have to pay double because I'm having so much fun!"

What a wonderful day to run a marathon! After torrential rain the night before, the clouds hung tough most of the morning with a stiff southerly breeze. No matter, it was still a beautiful spring day in Olathe Kansas. We took off from the starting line at exactly 7 a.m. by the booming of a cannon! That will get your blood pumpin'! The streets were still a bit wet and there were a few puddles along the way that I could enjoy stepping in. The first half of the marathon meandered through the industrial area of Gardner and went for several miles out into the country. I liked it! Nothing like green Kansas fields on a beautiful spring morning! All along the route I was chatting with whoever wanted to talk. (I sometimes get disappointed that so many people use headphones in marathons these days. It's hard to talk but then again maybe they don't want to chat. Oh well!)

Then there were the worms, and at times -- frogs! Little tiny frogs and humungous worms. The downpours of the preceding night had driven the critters to madness as there were lots of the crawlers all over the pavement. At times, it resembled a biblical plague! Alas, many a good worm gave their lives as they were trampled to death by the marathon masses. A moment of silence, please, for their passing.

Okay, so at about mile 13 we headed back toward Olathe. The small clusters of folks along the way were very supportive as they yelled their cheers. It is always fun to thank the folks who come out.

So many runners I know and chatted with along the way. If I named them all I would probably miss someone and then feel bad so I will just say that it was a pleasure seeing and chatting with all my friends out on the course.

The sun was breaking through the clouds the last couple of miles. It was great heading into the last quarter of a mile and hearing all the cheering crowds. I crossed the finish line at 3:43:55. Another cruise-control marathon. Seems like I keep finishing right around that time for my past several marathons.


Once inside the finishers tent, lo and behold I run into Amy from the CoolRunning Boomer and Beyond Forum. Amy is a speedster who often wins these smaller event marathons. Today, I believe she came in 2nd Female Overall. Woo Hoo! It was great meeting Dan her husband and Frank their greyhound. Frank is about as mellow as they come!

(Left) BR and Amy Yanni (Right) Amy, Dan, and Frank the Mellow Greyhound

Overall, a very, very enjoyable morning of running. As I said at the beginning, these marathons just keep getting funner and funner (my spell check doesn't like that word, but hey, it works!). God continues to give me the grace to keep running barefoot marathons and I will continue to do so as long as I am able! They're just so much FUN!

Having a Blessed Blast,

Barefoot Rick

Doughnut in mouth!

BR, Jenny and Tiffany

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Bib FName LName City State Country Age Sex ChipTime ClockTime Overall SexPl DivPl AgeGrade
400 Barefoot-Rick Roeber Lees Summit MO USA 51 M 3:43:55 3:43:59 76 72 6 62.8%

*I am a marathon runner and do not prescribe to a run/walk method for MY marathons. Likewise, I do not judge anyone else for "finishing" a marathon in whatever way they can propel themselves across the finish line, whether it be walking, crawling, etc. All marathon finishes are notable in their own regard.

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