Barefoot Rick's Year in Review - 2010


2010 Barefoot Mileage = 2,224.92
BF Mileage Since 10/21/03 = 17,683.57

Total Mileage Since 1/1/2000 = 28,805



Media Coverage in 2010


6th Annual Polar Barefoot Run - New Years Day 2010


6th Annual Polar Barefoot Interview -
New Years Day 2010

Live interview in Lee's Summit Missouri


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6th Annual Polar Barefoot Interview -
New Years Day 2010

Man takes annual barefoot run around Roe Park
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Pics HERE at "Community Faces"
by the Kansas City Star Newspaper



Waco Miracle Match Marathon - January 31, 2010



Marathoner to hit streets of Waco in his bare feet


Bare-foot runners rock with a ride on sole train
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram - February 15, 2010


Growing Trend Allows Barefoot Runners to Feel the Earth - (MP3)
by Brad Fischer



Kansas City Marathon - October 16, 2010

Marathon runner prepares to go barefoot




24 for 24 Hour Barefoot Run for the Homeless - October 29 & 30, 2010

Barefoot Runner Completes Epic Trek
Rick Roeber Runs 24 Hours For Homeless Charity


"Barefoot Rick" runs for KC Rescue Mission fundraiser tonight



November 3, 2010

Running Shorts. Singlet. Shoes?
By Katie Thomas

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11-30 HINESight - Rick Roeber the barefoot runner
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