Barefoot Rick's Year in Review - 2007

Of all my years of running and barefoot running, 2007 was a year of revelation and joyous barefoot running as the Lord Jesus took this ministry for His own and began shaping it for His glory.

Below are the running events I participated in, mileage I measured, writings I wrote (The Bare Soul), and television, radio, and newspaper interviews and articles.

Running Log - Y2007 Mileage
Total 2007 Mileage = 2746 BF Miles! (2725 BF Miles in 2006)
Averaged 53 miles per week (52 per miles per week in 2006)
Average run = 7.5 Miles per day (7. Miles per day in 2006)
Ran 359 of 365 days (6 days off)

The Bare Soul Devotional
Email distribution began in March '07 with a hundred or so folks. By the end of '07, distribution had grown to nearly 800. (Other forms of distribution included discussion boards.) Thirty eight editions published from March through December. (see The Bare Soul)

Several opportunities for ministry at various churches and organizations occurred from September through December. Venues included church youth groups, schools, a running club, missions, and church services. (see Calendar)

Harvard Barefoot Running Study

Barefoot Rick's Travel Logs
Barefoot Travel Log - Prague Czech Republic - June 10
RMNP Old Fall River Road Run - July 24, 2007

Two Barefoot Fun Runs
3rd Annual Polar Barefoot Run - January 1
Blue Planet Run - August 18, 2007

Two 5Ks
Run for the Summit 5K - May 5
Night Flight 5K - June 29, 2007

Three 4 Milers
St. Patrick's 4 Miler - March 10
Trolley Run 4 Miler - April 29
Teri Mathis Zenner Memorial 4 Miler - June 16

Three 10Ks
Oceans of Mercy 10K - April 21
Vasque Summer Intro 10K+ Trail Run - June 23, 2007
Psycho Night 10K Trail Run Report - August 10, 2007

One 10 Miler
Psycho WyCo "Run Toto Run" 10M Trail Run - February 10

One 15 Miler
Psycho Psummer 50K 15 Mile Trail Run - July 14, 2007

Eight Barefoot Marathons
Ft. Worth Cowtown Marathon - February 24
Olathe Marathon - March 31
Spirit of St. Louis Marathon - April 15
Heart of America Marathon - September 3
Omaha Marathon - September 23
Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon - October 20
New York City Marathon - November 4
Dallas White Rock Marathon - December 9

2007 Media Features

"These Days" San Diego Public Radio Program with Tom Fudge
"Advantages Seen to Running Barefoot" - Feb 07, 2007
With Barefoot" Ken Bob Saxton and Yoshi Yoshino
PLUS a Special Call-in Segment Featuring Barefoot Rick

Barefoot in the Park
Barefoot Rick Shed His Shoes in 2003; Since Then He Has Run 26 Marathons and More Than 8,000 Miles


Mid-America Running Association Master Pieces Magazine
Featuring Barefoot Rick - April/May 2007 Edition


Footloose and fit
Aishti Magazine April/May 2007


Estes Park Trail Gazette Newspaper
Barefoot runner feels the freedom of the road
Kansas City man will run Fall River Road - July 20, 2007

Finisher Pic at the Alpine Visitor Center - Estes Park Trail Gazette - July 25, 2007


"Weekend Warrior" Sports Show Featuring Barefoot Rick
ESPN 97.3 Kansas City - September 1, 2007


Columbia Missourian Article - September 3, 2007
Heart of America Marathon draws small but dedicated crowd

Columbia Missourian Article - September 4, 2007
Rick Roeber runs another barefoot marathon


Watch Barefoot Rick's
Soles For Souls Interview
September 7, 2007


Watch Barefoot Rick's Heart of America Marathon
Interview Featuring the Soles For Souls Donation Drive

Barefoot Rick's Omaha Marathon Radio Interview - 9/22/07

WOWTV Interview of Barefoot Julian and Barefoot Rick



BR's FOX News Live Interview - 11/3/07
Helping Soles For Souls and the
Kansas City Rescue Mission!

(Click Here for GodTube Link!)


KCTV5 Soles For Souls Interview - 11/10/07

Courtesy GodTube


Barefoot Rick's KXAS-5 2008 Soles For Souls Kick-off Interview
for Free Wheelchair Mission

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or Here for Windows Media Format


Barefoot Rick's Dallas Morning News Article - December 10, 2007


Lord Jesus, I praise you for all these wonderful opportunities that you
have afforded me through your barefoot running ministry in 2007.
Lord, help me to continue to do your will and your pleasure in 2008!
In Jesus' name. Amen!


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